About Us

MyOkavangoshop is an online retail start-up company made up of a handful partners both local and abroad. Our operations office is based in Gaborone, Botswana. We have now to served customers in Botswana for the last three years  and have built a considerable following from customers. We still have plans to expand to Namibia, and South Africa. We offer clothes for women and men, as well as shoes, bags, jewelry and accessories. Customers who live in Gaborone can have their items delivered to their homes.

MyOkavangoShop was born after seeing relatives and friends coming from abroad hauling 4-6 suitcases. Often travelers get orders from their friends and relatives who ask them to bring them this brand of clothing or that brand of shoes. We thought why not provide a way to have these quality goods available to customers. MyOkavango Shop was born!

Our pledge to our customers is simple; you can shop for quality brands with designer names you love at discounted prices. Our collections are from a wide range of designers and all our clothing is purchased from US stores and US specialty stores.