When it comes to fashion, Botswana is now fertile ground for producing talented fashion designers. For such a small population, you have a number of budding designers who are well established both locally and internationally. You have established and well know names such as Lesolle, Black Trash, Thato Mminatau, Kaone Moremong, Motlagomang DihDah Tsheko, Aobakwe Molosiwa just to name a few. Beyond the well known names, you have hundreds who may not be well known but do beautiful designs for many people in Botswana. Weddings are now the new stage for designers to showcase their work. The colors, materials used, and local flavors breath fresh air into fashion design.

We at understand that this designer explosion is driven by the demand for great styles and quality by many Batswana. As an online store  strives to meet the demand for great style and quality. We offer customers brands they want but more importantly we try to offer the styles and brands at reasonable prices. Visit our store online.

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